150 Catchy Track and Field Slogans for T Shirts and Winning Designs

Track Meet T Shirt Design Template - Track & Field Meet Defeat Repeat Custom Design track and field slogans for t shirts shirt sayings and catchy track and field slogans

Sometimes the difference between track and field shirt designs being a winner or not comes down to the use of catchy track and field slogans. The key is to use creative graphics along with motivational track and field slogans for t shirts to create a winning combination.

Track t shirt designs Track Junkie Live To Run Ready Made T Shirt Design catchy track and field slogans for t shirts
This design features the catchy track and field slogans for t shirts, “Live to Run, Run to Live.”

At Designs4Screen.com, we create track and field shirt designs to support athletes and give them lots of great design choices when it comes to creating team apparel and merch for fundraising. We’ll be highlighting some of our newest track and field shirt designs and templates throughout this blog post, but you can see them all here. And we’re just getting started. So be sure to check back often!

Running Track T Shirts Custom T Shirt Design Template Track & Field 2020 track and field shirt designs
Custom Track and Field Shirt Designs Template
Track & Field T-Shirt Designs - One Track Mind ready made t-shirt print design for track and field shirt designs catchy track and field slogans for t shirts
Track tank top featuring “One Track Mind” track and field shirt sayings. One of our favorite track and field slogans for t shirts.
150 Catchy Track and Field Slogans for T Shirts and Winning Designs 1

150 Catchy Track and Field Slogans For T Shirts to Encourage and Motivate:

  1. Run Fast or Be Last.
  2. Don’t Just Chase Your Dreams…Run Them Down!
  3. Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever.
  4. Our Warmup is Your Work Out.
  5. No Benches, No Half-time, No Time-outs…Welcome to My World!
  6. They Never Said It Would Be Easy. They Only Said It Would Be Worth It.
  7. Why is Everyone Chasing Me?
  8. Real Athletes Run, Others Just Play Games.
  9. Heart Pumping, Muscles Burning, Feet Aching, Lungs Screaming…Yea We Run for Fun!
  10. Running Won’t Kill You, You’ll Pass Out First.
  11. Run Hard When It’s Hard to Run.
  12. Runners Just Do It…They Run for The Finish Line Even if Someone Else Has Reached it First.
  13. Track: It’s Better Than Playing with Balls.
  14. Our Shoes Have More Miles Than Your Car.
  15. Pardon Our Dust!
  16. All it Takes is All You’ve Got!
  17. While Running, it is Rude to Count the People You Pass Out Loud.
  18. The Clock’s Job is to Tick, Your Job is to Beat it!
  19. Our Sport is Other Sports’ Punishment.
  20. The Truth is You Can Always Run Harder. Sometimes the Truth Hurts!
  21. The Surgeon General Says it is Okay to Smoke the Competition.
  22. Track is 90% Mental, and We’re All INSANE!
  23. I’m the Runner Your Momma Warned You About!
  24. Run Like You Stole Something!
  25. Don’t Race Against Others, Race Against Yourself.
  26. One Track Mind.
  27. Run Hard or Walk Home.
  28. Rain, Sleet, Snow and 20 Below…A Perfect Day to Run!
  29. We Don’t Run to Add Years to Our Lives. We Run to Add Life to Our Years.
  30. 7 Days Without Running Makes One Weak.
  31. We Know We’re Fast, Pretty Soon You’ll Know it Too!
  32. Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body.
  33. Date a Track Runner…All Other Athletes are Just Players.
  34. I Can Go the Distance.
  35. Leave it All on The Track.
  36. Miles to Go Before I Sleep.
  37. I’m Not an Easy Catch.
  38. If Track Was Easy…They’d Call it Football.
  39. It’s Not the Miles You Put in, It’s What You Put into the Miles. Okay, Maybe It’s Both!
  40. Track: Everything Else is Just a Game.
  41. Eat, Sleep, Run Track, Repeat.
  42. May the Course Be with You.
  43. Don’t Pass Me…I’m Not in Your Age Group.
  44. My Name Isn’t Forest.
  45. Running: It’s Cheaper Than Therapy.
  46. Run to Live. Live to Run.
  47. Pain is Nothing Compared to What it Feels Like to Quit.
  48. Sorry, I’ve Gotta Run.
  49. Everyday I’m Hustlin’.
  50. This Seemed Like Such a Good Idea Three Weeks Ago.
  51. We Run This Mother.
  52. Training to Run, Not Running to Train.
  53. Will Run for Tacos.
  54. Let’s Make a Run for It!
  55. Lead the Pack…Run Track!
  56. 400m is the New 100m.
  57. Don’t Let Anybody Tell You That You Can’t, Just Because They Can’t!
  58. If We Played Tag, You’d Be it Forever!
  59. We Don’t Need Wings to Fly!
  60. Baby Got Track!
  61. I Can Handle Any Hurdle.
  62. I’ve Got a Track Record.
  63. There’s No Time-outs in Track.
  64. If You Can Read This, We’re Just Warming Up.
  65. The Faster You Run, The Quicker You’re Done.
  66. Comrades in Sweat.
  67. Be So Good, They Can’t Ignore You.
  68. Burn Fat on the Track.
  69. Carbs for Life.
  70. Death Before DNF.
  71. Every Runner Has Excuses, but a Champion Never Uses Them.
  72. Finish Line is My Love Line.
  73. If You’re Willing to Say I Can’t, You Might as Well Go Home.
  74. If You Can Accept Losing, You Can’t Win.
  75. Losing is a Temporary location, Winning is an Unending Journey.
  76. Losing to Someone Better Than You is Inevitable. Losing Because You Didn’t Try Hard Enough is Optional.
  77. My Energy Comes Straight from the Heart.
  78. Run the Day. Don’t Let it Run You.
  79. Running’s My Favorite.
  80. Simply Untouchable.
  81. Speed Demon.
  82. Start Strong, Finish Stronger.
  83. Strength Does Not Come from Winning.
  84. Success Isn’t Given, it’s Earned.
  85. The 400 Meters…Only the Strong Survive.
  86. The Pride You Gain is Worth the Pain.
  87. They Can’t Stop What They Can’t Catch.
  88. Tough Times Don’t Last, but Tough People Do.
  89. Track is Our Home.
  90. Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead.
  91. We Run Ours Off So We Can Kick Yours.
  92. When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started.
  93. They Can’t Ignore Me, I’m On Track.
  94. On Track is the Way to Be.
  95. No Time-outs Just Run!
  96. Born to Run.
  97. Catch Me If You Can.
  98. Keep Calm and Run Fast.
  99. Run Like Creepy Guy Behind You!
  100. School is Important, but Track is Importanter!
  101. Shut up! I’m Not Almost There!
  102. I Run to Burn Off the Crazy.
  103. Please Ignore the Faces I Make When I Run.
  104. I Run This Town…1 Mile at a Time.
  105. It’s a Runderful Life.
  106. The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes.
  107. A Short Run is Better Than No Run.
  108. Worry Less, Run More.
  109. The Real Workout Starts When You Want to Stop.
  110. When Your Legs Can’t Run Anymore, Run with Your Heart.
  111. Each Step Takes You Closer to Your Goal.
  112. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses.
  113. My Fastest Time? I Haven’t Run it Yet.
  114. Your Only Limit is You.
  115. Life is Better When You’re Running.
  116. Stronger, Faster, Farther.
  117. How Far? Doesn’t Matter!
  118. My Form is So Good it Hurts.
  119. If You Want to Come in Second, Follow Me.
  120. Sometimes It’s Not How Good You Are, but How Bad You Want It!
  121. Make Your Competitive Juices Overcome Your Excuses.
  122. I Came. I Ran. I Conquered.
  123. Life is Short. Running Makes It Seem Longer.
  124. No Time-outs, No Substitutions, No Excuses.
  125. Save the Drama for Your Mama…We’re Here to Run!
  126. Running Only Has One Rule…Don’t Stop!
  127. You Can’t Flirt with the Track, You Must Marry it.
  128. Obstacles are the Things We See When We Take Our Eyes Off Our Goals.
  129. Run Until You Can Fly.
  130. Run for Fun, Race for Place.
  131. Run Far, Run Fast, and Run Hard!
  132. Dude, Run.
  133. If You Blink, I’m Gone!
  134. Survival of the Fastest.
  135. Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.
  136. Your Pace or Mine?
  137. Quitters Don’t Run. Runners Don’t Quit.
  138. My Run. My Speed. My Way.
  139. Life’s Short. Run Long.
  140. Just Gotta Run.
  141. Pain Will Pass. Pride Will Last!
  142. It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Stronger.
  143. Don’t Think. Run.
  144. Runs End. Running Does Not.
  145. Refuse to Lose.
  146. Meet. Defeat. Repeat.
  147. Live, Laugh, Run a Lot.
  148. Run Often. Run Long. But Never Outrun Your Joy of Running.
  149. I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired, I Stop When I’m Done.
  150. To Be Number One, You Have to Train Like You’re Number Two.

So, there you have it…150 of the best track and field slogans for t shirts we could find.

I hope that these track and field shirt sayings go a long way in helping you to create winning track and field shirt designs. Use these catchy track and field slogans for t shirts along with truly creative graphics for a win-win.

Running Track T Shirt Custom Design Template Track & Field Running Shoe with Wings Design

And if you’re looking for ready made track and field shirt designs…check out our collection of designs and templates here. Don’t see what you need? Contact us and we can create something completely custom for you!

Here’s a great short read with 6 Tips and Tricks for Being a Well-Rounded Track & Field Athlete. You might find some added motivation for your track season that inspires you to “make a run for it” or reminds you that “you don’t need wings to fly.” Just keep calm and run fast…I’m confident that you can handle any hurdle! ?

Track Meet T Shirt Design Template - Track & Field Meet Defeat Repeat Custom Design
Track Meet T Shirt Design – Meet. Defeat. Repeat. Custom template featuring another one of our favorite track and field slogans for t shirts.