19 Hottest Trending T-Shirt Designs 2019

faux pocket print trending t-shirt designs 2019

Wondering what’s hot and trending in t-shirt designs 2019?

Coming up with new and creative t-shirt designs can be challenging. But the key to creating great t-shirt designs that will sell, is to look at current trends and keep an eye on the styles that are selling best and gaining popularity each year. And let’s face it, fashion trends change quite often, so it’s essential to stay on top of t-shirt design trends and changes to keep up with the fashion industry and have more success with your t-shirt design business.

So, now it’s time to put on your creative hat and see how you can make these top trending t-shirt designs 2019 work for you!

1. Going Green & Love Of Nature

Environmental issues are at the forefront of news these days and people are supporting their passion and love for the environment through their t-shirt and fashion choices. Thus, for trending t-shirt designs 2019, graphics that represent saving the planet, going green, camping, or flowers, are currently very trendy. Take it even a step further by offering eco-friendly shirts and you’re sure to have a hit!

trending t-shirt designs 2019 going green love of earth and nature t-shirt print design trend

2. Minimalism & Typography

Minimalistic designs and basic typography designs are very popular, also allowing for specific messages to be conveyed creatively through text. Whether the typography is inspirational, motivational, or funny, it’s one of the trending t-shirt designs 2019 and a best seller.

Grumpa minimalistic typography t-shirt print design trend

3. Side-Aligned Typography

While we’re talking about typography, another emerging trend is that of aligning text to the left or right side of the shirt. This technique works well for text-only designs and also keeps with the minimalistic approach to design.

Side-aligned typography t-shirt print design trend

4. Bright Colors Are A Win

In trending t-shirt designs 2019, bright is the new black. Over the past couple years, brightly colored t-shirt designs have become much more popular. And don’t forget to also take advantage of brighter t-shirt fabric colors as well. Using bright, contrasting colors in your designs also conveys a retro vibe that’s currently on-trend for nostalgia lovers. It’s a definite throwback to earlier decades in terms of fashion style.

Bright colors t-shirt print design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

5. Metallic Elements & Textures

Metallic gold, silver, and rose gold elements (or even foil) are increasing in popularity as a more glamorous and futuristic t-shirt trend. So mix it up with different printing materials and styles for an engaging contrast of textures that people seem to really love in trending t-shirt designs 2019.

Metallic and texture elements in t-shirt print design trend

6. Double Exposure

Double exposure is a trend of doubling or overlapping images into one to create a double exposure or duotone effect. Since this creates some very interesting effects, designs with this style have been gaining popularity in 2019.

Double exposure t-shirt print design trend

7. Head Back To The 80s & 90s

Maybe it’s thanks to the VSCO girl internet pop-culture craze, but in 2019, we headed back to the 80s and 90s! Nostalgic designs are more popular than ever, and customers love the bright neon design throwbacks to those two decades.

colorful pop-culture 80s and 90s t-shirt print design trend

8. Color Blocks

The 80s and 90s also brought something else back – color blocks. These bright, contrasting blocks of color against solid colored shapes creates a bold look that’s extremely popular in trending t-shirt designs 2019.

80s and 90s color block t-shirt print design trend

9. Repeating Text

Saying it once is apparently not enough these days as designs that repeat a message over-and-over again to get the point across are becoming very popular. This repeat obsession is also popular with the “laundry list” design style – Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat. This design craze of adding the word “repeat” to the end of a task list is popping up for just about any subject from gaming, to hunting, to vaping. The possibilities for this trend are endless!

Repeat repeated text t-shirt print design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019
Hunt Fish Pray Repeat T-Shirt Design Religious Dad Shirt Father's Day Shirt trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

10. Vintage & Distressed Elements

Incorporating vintage styles or distressed elements into your design is on trend for 2019. It’s a throwback to the 80s grunge style that’s making a trendy comeback. And it can be used to dress up simpler t-shirt designs.

Vintage distressed style t-shirt print design trend

11. Geometric Patterns

T-shirt designs with geometric patterns are always on-trend. But that popularity seems to be kicking it up a notch in 2019 as geometric patterns featuring circles, squares, and triangles as the primary element in the design are selling like crazy!

geometric patterns t-shirt print design trend

12. Collage Designs

Collage and square style designs are currently on an upward trend in 2019, possibly as part of a throwback to earlier decades. Whether the collage features the same image in different colors or a collection of entirely different design elements, customers love the larger style of this type of design.

collage square tiles t-shirt print design trend

13. Image Or Shape Creative Lettering

Typography designs are huge right now and designers can take it to another level with creative lettering. Additionally, formatting text inside of a shape or image is gaining huge popularity in design trends.

creative lettering shape typography t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

14. Mandala Design Elements

Due to the popularity of the Mandala symbol in yoga and meditation, along with being able to use it with other trends like bright colors, makes these designs a hit with customers. This has been a popular style for years and it works well for many niches. The example below also incorporates the regional or hometown element discussed in, “30 T-Shirt Designs That Sell Best.” So give it a read for more great t-shirt design ideas.

mandala symbol and Ohio state regional t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

15. Trending T-Shirt Designs 2019 Heartbeats

The simple heartbeat designs that started popping up years ago are now more popular than ever. But you’ll want to put a unique spin on it. You can do that by adding extra design elements that also allow your customer to showcase their love of a sport, food, profession, or hobby.

heartbeats t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

16. Negative Space

The art of using the negative space in your design as a visual part of the actual design is a huge trend that also produces wildly interesting designs. This technique works well with a high contrast in colors like black and white. Colors can be used also, but it usually works best with a dark against a light or vice versa.

negative space t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

17. Faux Pocket Prints

We’re not talking about t-shirts with actual pockets here. But it seems that printing a faux pocket design in the “pocket” printing location (usually the left chest area) has become incredibly popular this year. So, small logos or designs that look like a pocket printed on tees is a subtle, creative way to promote your message.

faux pocket print t-shirt design trend

18. All-Over Prints

Bold, colorful prints and pictures that decorate the entire shirt in an all-over repeat type pattern are fun and modern. And, you guessed it, this design style has also become one of the top trends of the year.

all-over prints t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

19. Abstract Drawings & Sketches

Big, bold sketches and abstract designs are also becoming very trendy this year. And the sky is really the limit when it comes to abstract designs. Incorporate some of the other trends we’ve discussed here into an abstract or hand sketched design for even greater appeal to the masses!

abstract drawing t-shirt design trend
bold sketches t-shirt design trend trending t-shirt designs 2019

Now that you know the top trending t-shirt designs 2019, use them as inspiration and put your own spin on them for future t-shirt designs.

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