85 Best Slogans for Thanksgiving T Shirts & Turkey Trot Shirts

Slogans for Thanksgiving T Shirts

When it comes to designing Thanksgiving t shirts, there are endless possibilities and inspiration that can be drawn from popular sayings and slogans for Thanksgiving that range from seriously thankful to down-right ornery!

And we can’t forget the annual Turkey Trot races that require Turkey Trot shirts. So, I’ve rounded up a hefty list containing 85 of the best Turkey Trot slogans and slogans for Thanksgiving to help get your design juices flowing. I hope it helps you to create new designs for Thanksgiving t shirts and Turkey Trot shirts.

Slogans for Thanksgiving T Shirts:

Turkey & Touchdowns Thanksgiving T Shirt Design
  1. Huffin’ for the Stuffin’
  2. Feast Mode
  3. Turkey Wasted
  4. Let’s Get Basted
  5. Be Grateful & Give Thanks
  6. Football, Feast, Nap, Repeat
  7. Football, Turkey, Nap, Repeat
  8. Turkey & Touchdowns
  9. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed
  10. Save a Turkey, Kill a Workout!
  11. Get Your Fat Pants Ready
  12. Let’s Get Stuffed
  13. I’m Into Fitness…As in Fit’iness Pumpkin Pie in my Mouth!
  14. Down to Feast
  15. Let Our Hearts be Full of Both Thanks & Giving
  16. Gobble till You Wobble
  17. Give Thanks, Give Cheer, Not Only on Thanksgiving but All Through the Year
  18. For All the Blessings in My Life, I Will Celebrate with a Fork & Knife
  19. Nobody Diets on Thanksgiving
  20. Being Grateful Turns What You HAVE Into ENOUGH
  21. Gather Here with Grateful Hearts
  22. Talk Turkey to Me
  23. Thankful for My Little Turkeys
  24. Leftovers Are for Quitters
  25. Food Coma Survivor
  26. Food Coma Ready
  27. Pie till I Die
  28. I’m Just Here for the Pie
  29. I’m Just Here for the Turkey
  30. I’m Just Here for the Food
  31. WTF: Wine, Turkey, Family
  32. Calories Don’t Count on Thanksgiving
  33. Leftovers Eating Team
  34. Eat, Drink & Be Thankful
  35. This Is My Pumpkin Pie Eating Shirt
  36. Eat, Drink & Wear Stretchy Pants
  37. Gobble, Gobble Y’all
  38. Pour Some Gravy on Me
  39. Will Trade Brother/Sister for Pie!
  40. Happy Turkey Day
  41. Oh Snap! (wishbone)
  42. Basted, Tasted, Waisted
  43. I’m All About That Baste
  44. Thankful, Stuffed, Black Friday Ready
  45. Black Fri-yay!
  46. Thanksgiving {Bringing Out the Best in Family Dysfunction Since 1621}
  47. Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner
  48. You May Call it Chaos, But Our Family Calls it Thanksgiving
  49. Real Men Fry Turkeys
  50. Thankful, Blessed, & Mashed Potato Obsessed
  51. 100% Breast Man
  52. 100% Leg Man
  53. Gather, Gobble, Wobble
  54. Gather, Gobble, Shop
  55. Turkey Lives Matter
  56. Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie
  57. Keep Calm & Gobble Gobble
  58. You Had Me at Pumpkin
  59. Time to Get Basted
  60. I’m Here for the Food & Football

So there you have the first 60 Thanksgiving slogans on my list.

Although Turkey Trot slogans are technically Thanksgiving slogans too, I thought they needed their own separate list.

Turkey Trot Slogans for Turkey Trot Shirts:

Turkey Trot Shirts | Turkey Trot Slogans for T Shirts
  1. Struttin’ our Stuffin’
  2. Run, Beer, Turkey, Nap
  3. Run, Wine, Turkey, Nap
  4. Run, Turkey, Nap
  5. Trot Squad
  6. Wobble & Gobble
  7. I Don’t Run, I Trot
  8. Turkey Trot It Like It’s Hot!
  9. Will Run for Pie!
  10. Run Now, Gobble Later
  11. Burning Thighs Before Pies
  12. Turkey Trot – Every Turkey for Himself!
  13. You Better Run!
  14. Run, Turkey, Run!
  15. He Didn’t Run Fast Enough
  16. May Your Turkey Trot Make You Run So Fast, That the Turkey & Stuffing Stays Off Your Ass!
  17. Run Like a Turkey
  18. Best Leg Day Ever
  19. 5K Now, Eat Later
  20. Dash Before You Dine
  21. Run Good, Do Good
  22. Keep Calm & Trot On
  23. Catch Me If You Can!
  24. On Your Mark, Get Set, Gobble
  25. Run Like a Turkey on Thanksgiving

There you have it, 85 total slogans for Thanksgiving and Turkey Trot slogans for t-shirt design inspiration. If you’re looking for ready-to-print designs for Thanksgiving t shirts, check out the designs that Designs4Screen has to offer.

If you’re wondering what is Turkey Trot? I’ve got some answers for you, along with 10 Fun Facts about Turkey Trots and Turkey Trot Shirts also in our blog. Find a Turkey Trot Race to run near you!