Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs – Mega List of 240 Slogans & Design Ideas

Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs and Slogans | T Shirt Designs for Cancer Awareness

Most everyone knows that October is all about pink and all about breast cancer awareness. It’s hard not to know whenever this terrible disease affects so many. It goes without saying that breast cancer t shirt designs are one of the most popular ways people choose to spread the word and fund raise. Most of us have friends or family members who have been impacted by this disease, so we rally in support of breast cancer awareness and finding a cure to stop the suffering.

When creating breast cancer t shirt designs, always think positive!

Finding or creating t shirt designs for cancer awareness can be an emotional process if you’re right in the middle of a struggle with this disease. Especially if you’re planning a t-shirt sale to raise funds for medical expenses for a friend, family member, or even yourself. For that reason, when I set out to create breast cancer t shirt designs, I always try to think positive! No one wants to wear a t shirt with a message that drags them down or evokes feelings of sadness.

In the face of this horrible disease we want to evoke a fighting, winning spirit and positive feelings. If there is even a way to incorporate some tasteful humor, that may be appropriate. Even though there is nothing humorous at all about the disease, people may enjoy a little chuckle if they see the words “Save the Hooters” or “Save a Life, Grope Your Wife” on a man’s t-shirt. And, after all, laughter is good medicine!

I recently created some t shirt designs for cancer awareness for a local high school football team’s “Pink Out” game night. The school mascot is a lion which made it easy to come up with some roaring good ideas! This design sold on over 400 t-shirts and raised over $3000 for cancer research. And because it doesn’t have the school’s name on it but is focused on the fight in general, I’ve had many people (not related to the school) asking to buy shirts with the design…just because they love the message.

Breast cancer t-shirt designs cancer awareness fundraiser t-shirt print design
Fight Like A Lion. Roar For A Cure! Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs

So, when you’re brainstorming t shirt designs for cancer, try using messages and images that can apply to more than one group to get the most exposure. Creating custom breast cancer t shirt designs is a great way to bring attention to the cause and spread a message that’s meaningful to so many.

T Shirt Designs For Cancer Awareness | Roar For A Cure
Roar For A Cure – Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs

To help jump start your creativity, I’ve searched and compiled a mega list of 240 breast cancer slogans and sayings that would be great to incorporate into t shirt designs for cancer awareness. Some are popular and you’ve probably seen them used many times, but you’ll also find a few new gems if you’re looking to create something truly unique.

You’ll find some slogans that embrace humor, some that combine a special interest such as a sport or hobby, and some that can feature a person’s name who might be battling or is a survivor. There are also lots that encourage early detection. And, of course, most could incorporate the iconic pink ribbon in the design. These slogans will provide you with endless possibilities for breast cancer t shirt designs!

Mega List of 240 Breast Cancer Slogans for Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs

  1. A Cure Worth Fighting For.
  2. A Feel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.
  3. A World With Less Cancer is a World With More Birthdays.
  4. Awareness is Key to Cancel Cancer!
  5. Awareness is Power.
  6. Believe in the cure.
  7. Believe There Is Hope For A Cure.
  8. Be Smart. Get Squished.
  9. Best Protection is Early Detection.
  10. Big or Small, Let’s Save Them All.
  11. Big or Small, Save Them All.
  12. Boobies Make Me Smile.
  13. Boobs, Sweat and Tears.
  14. Boobs: They Could Use Your Support.
  15. Boobs: They Need Your Support!
  16. Breast Cancer Awareness is Not Just a Month.
  17. Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs.
  18. Breast Cancer Don’t Ignore, Support the Search for a Cure!
  19. Breast Cancer is a Speed Bump, Not a Road Block.
  20. Breast Cancer is Crusin’ for a Bruisin’.
  21. Breast Cancer Sucks.
  22. Breast Cancer: Been There, Beat That.
  23. Breast Friends Get Screened Together.
  24. Breast In Show.
  25. Breast Power.
  26. Buckle Up…Let’s Race for a Cure!
  27. Busting Our Buns for Boobs.
  28. Cancel Cancer!
  29. Cancer Can Kiss My Ass!
  30. CANcer CAN’t but We CAN.
  31. Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence.
  32. Cancer: Let’s Get it Off Our Chests!
  33. Cancer May Have Started the Fight, But I Will Finish It!
  34. Cancer Messed With a Wrong Girl!
  35. Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva!
  36. Cancer Survivors Are Sexy.
  37. Cancer Touched My Boobs, So I Kicked It’s Butt.
  38. Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl.
  39. Cancer’s Tough, But So Are You.
  40. Celebrate Life.
  41. Check One, Check Two. (Music theme)
  42. Check Your Boobies, Mine Tried to Kill Me.
  43. Check Your Bumps for Lumps.
  44. Check Yourself on the Front, Pat Yourself on the Back.
  45. Cooking Up a Cure.
  46. Crush Cancer.
  47. Dear Breast Cancer, You Picked the Battle, But I Won the War! Sincerely, Survivor
  48. Defy. Fight. Win.
  49. Detect & Protect.
  50. Don’t Be a Boob. Save One Instead!
  51. Don’t Be a Chump. Check For a Lump!
  52. Don’t Forget Your Breast Cancer T Shirt Designs.
  53. Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base.
  54. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Woman.
  55. Early Detection for Your Protection.
  56. Early Detection Saves Lives.
  57. Eat, Sleep, Crush Breast Cancer, Repeat.
  58. Every Ribbon Makes a Difference.
  59. Fasten Your Pink Ribbon.
  60. Feed Your Faith and Your Fears Will Starve to Death.
  61. Feel For Lumps. Save Your Bumps.
  62. Feel Your Boobies!
  63. Fight For The Girls.
  64. Fight Like A Girl.
  65. Fight Like a Lion. Roar For a Cure!
  66. Fight Strong.
  67. Fight the Fight, Find the Cure.
  68. Fighting Breast Cancer Takes Everyone.
  69. Fighting for (name).
  70. Find the Cure.
  71. Finding the cure starts with hope.
  72. For All Warriors.
  73. For Guys, Every Month Is Breast Awareness Month.
  74. For Tits & Giggles.
  75. Freshly Squeezed.
  76. Garden of Hope. (Gardening theme)
  77. Get Your Pink On.
  78. Ghosts and Goblins Don’t Scare Me, I Survived Breast Cancer.
  79. Girl Fight!
  80. Give a Hoot for a Cure.
  81. Give Cancer the Boot.
  82. Go Boobies!
  83. God Gives The Hardest Battles to His Strongest Soldiers.
  84. Go. Fight. Cure.
  85. Goodies for Boobies.
  86. Got a Sense of Tumor
  87. Got Boobs? Get Checked.
  88. Got Pink?
  89. Grab Some, Save Some.
  90. Great Breasts are Worth Fighting For!
  91. Hey Cancer! You Picked the Wrong Girl to Mess With!
  92. Fighting & Fabulous!
  93. Hoops for Hope. (Basketball theme)
  94. Hope is my Superpower.
  95. Hope is stronger than fear.
  96. Hope.
  97. Hope. Faith. Courage. Strength.
  98. Hope. Faith. Cure.
  99. Hope. Strength. Love.
  100. I <3 Boobies.
  101. I Am A Breast Man.
  102. I Bleed Pink.
  103. I Can-cer Vive.
  104. I Did More Than Just Fight, I Won!
  105. I Fought…I Won!
  106. I Fight Like a Girl!
  107. I Got Spirit, I Got Sass, I’m Ready to Kick Cancer’s Ass!
  108. I Have Breast Cancer, But It Doesn’t Have Me!
  109. I Hope, I Fight, I Will Win.
  110. I Hope Cancer Gets Cancer & Dies!
  111. I Love Your Boobs! (platonically, of course)
  112. I Pink I Can!
  113. I Stare Because I Care.
  114. I Wear Pink for (name).
  115. I’m Just Here for the Boobies.
  116. I’m Not Soured, I’m Empowered!
  117. I’m Too Sexy for My Hair.
  118. I’d Walk Forever for a Cure.
  119. I Kicked Cancer’s Butt!
  120. In the Pink.
  121. In This Family, No One Fights Alone!
  122. It Came for My Rack, But I Fought Back.
  123. It Came, We Fought, I Won!
  124. It’s a Pink Thing…And You Need To Understand!
  125. It’s All About the Boobs.
  126. It’s Never Wrong to Stand Strong.
  127. It’s Not Over When You Lose. It’s Over When You Quit.
  128. It’s Not Pink. It’s Not Pretty. Cancer Sucks.
  129. It Takes U to Turn Cancer to Can Cure.
  130. Join the Fight, One Step at a Time.
  131. Keep Calm and Fight On!
  132. Keep Calm and Fight Strong!
  133. Keep the Lumps Out of My Cups.
  134. Keep Life on Track. Be Sure to Check Your Rack.
  135. Kick Cancer’s Butt.
  136. Kicking Cancer’s Ass One Day at a Time.
  137. Knock Out Cancer! (Boxing/fighting theme)
  138. Ladies, Check Yourself!
  139. Let’s Get it Off Our Chest.
  140. Losing is Not an Option.
  141. Love. Life. Hope.
  142. Mammograms. A few minutes for a lifetime.
  143. Mammograms Save Lives.
  144. (Name)’s Battle is My Battle.
  145. (Name)’s Crew.
  146. (Name)’s Warriors.
  147. Never Give Up Hope.
  148. No One Fights Alone.
  149. No Booby Left Behind.
  150. Not Just Surviving – Thriving.
  151. On The Hunt for a Cure.
  152. On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink.
  153. One Day at a Time.
  154. One Team. One Dream. Let’s Find a Cure.
  155. Party in Pink.
  156. Party Like a Survivor!
  157. Peace, Love, Hope for the Cure.
  158. Peace. Love. Pink.
  159. People Die Every Day…Can’t We Help Them in Some Way?
  160. Pink is My Signature Color.
  161. Pink is Stronger Than You.
  162. Pink My Color. My Cause.
  163. Pink Out!
  164. Pink Power.
  165. Pink is Pretty. Pink is Bright. We’ve made the Decision to Live and Fight!
  166. Pink, It’s an Attitude.
  167. Pink, It’s a Promise of Hope.
  168. Pink Spreads the Hope.
  169. Pink Squad.
  170. Positively Pink.
  171. Protect Those Puppies…They Are Man’s Best Friend.
  172. Protect Your Rack.
  173. Punch Cancer in the Face!
  174. Put on Your Pink Bra.
  175. Put Your Breast Foot Forward.
  176. Ready, Set, Go Pink.
  177. Real Men Rock Pink.
  178. Real Men Wear Pink.
  179. Remission Rocks.
  180. Roar For A Cure!
  181. Rockin’ Pink.
  182. Rock Out. Pink Out.
  183. Rock The Pink!
  184. Save A Life, Grope Your Wife.
  185. Save a Rack. (Hunting theme)
  186. Save Second Base.
  187. Save the A’s, Save the B’s, Save the F’s & Double G’s!
  188. Save the Boobies.
  189. Save the Hooters.
  190. Save the Ta Tas!
  191. Say No Sir to Cancer.
  192. Screw Cancer.
  193. She Believed She Could, So She Did!
  194. Shoot for a Cure.
  195. Shouting Out Pink!
  196. Show You Care, Be Aware.
  197. Spreading the Pink.
  198. Squeeze a Boob, Save a Life!
  199. Stomp Out Breast Cancer.
  200. Stop the War in My Rack.
  201. Strength in Numbers. Power in Pink.
  202. Strike Out Breast Cancer. (Baseball theme)
  203. Support (the fighters). Admire (the survivors). Honor (the taken).
  204. Tackle Breast Cancer. (Football theme)
  205. Team Boobs.
  206. Team Ta Tas!
  207. Team (name).
  208. Team Pink.
  209. Teed Off With Breast Cancer. (Golf theme)
  210. Tell Breast Cancer Bye Felicia!
  211. Tell Breast Cancer to Step Aside.
  212. Thanks for the Mammories.
  213. The Best Protection is Early Detection.
  214. The Booby Squad.
  215. The Breast Is Yet To Come.
  216. The Breast of the Bunch.
  217. The Most Important Boob Job in History…Finding a Cure.
  218. The Ribbon of Hope.
  219. These Boobs Were Made For Walkin’.
  220. These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…all Over Cancer!
  221. Think Pink!
  222. To Find a Cure, We’re in Pursuit…Let’s Give Cancer the Boot!
  223. Together We Can Make A Difference.
  224. Together we fight. Together we win.
  225. Tough Guys Wear Pink.
  226. Turn Up the Pink.
  227. Unite in the Fight.
  228. Volley For a Cure. (Volleyball theme)
  229. Walk the Walk. Find a Cure.
  230. Walkin’ My Buns Off For Boobs.
  231. Walkin’ For The Girls.
  232. Warriors For (name).
  233. Watch Out…Girl Fight!
  234. We are Fighting to Keep a BREAST of the Competition.
  235. We Only Fight Dirty Against Cancer.
  236. We Treasure Our Chests.
  237. Wear Pink Like a Boss.
  238. Who Says Girls Can’t Fight?
  239. Whoever Said Winning Isn’t Everything, Obviously Wasn’t Fighting Breast Cancer.
  240. Yes They’re Fake, But My Real Ones Tried to Kill Me!

So there you have it…240 great idea starters for breast cancer t shirt designs. I hope you find lots of inspiration!

At Designs4Screen, I’m working hard to create and upload brand new, unique breast cancer t shirt designs and templates to the site, to make your search for the perfect pink shirt a little easier. If you have an idea for a design that you don’t see, feel free to contact me for a completely custom design. I love creating meaningful designs to spread a powerful message.

Visit to learn more about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for lots of great resources, news, fundraising ideas, and volunteer opportunities if you’d like to get more involved in the fight.

So, let’s laugh in the face of cancer and work together to create t shirt designs for cancer that spread awareness, help find a cure, and put an end to suffering once and for all!