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Family Reunion T Shirts

Now that spring is here, you’re probably thinking about this year’s family reunion, including family reunion t shirts. If you’ve planned reunions in the past, you may already be a seasoned pro and have it all under control. But for the not-so-seasoned-planners, Google offers up a ton of ideas. Just try typing in the search phrase “family reunion planning”. Fair warning, it can be down-right overwhelming!

One article I came across suggested creating a command center and recruiting a Finance Director and Mementos Procurement Officer (among other important roles). Now, I’m not knocking the article or the plan. It is great! And if you’re organizing a rather large and elaborate reunion, then I highly suggest following those instructions to a “T” because you’re going to have your hands full!

But me, I prefer the less stressful, more relaxed planning method…the good old fashioned backyard family BBQ! Simply set a date and invite all the family members you care to invite (and maybe a few you don’t really want to, LOL). Because what family tree doesn’t have a few nuts, right? ?

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Family Reunion Invitation Postcard Template FREE to Download, Personalize & Print!

Then, ask everyone to bring a covered dish to share and maybe some of those portable camping chairs so that everyone has a seat. I’ve even designed a family reunion invitation template free for you to download and customize!

But we’ve gotta have family reunion t shirts!

I know what you’re thinking…there’s A LOT more to it than that! Right? But what about the main meats? Should everyone bring their own drinks? Who will provide the paper plates, utensils, and napkins? And, OMG, what about t-shirts??

United We Camp Family Reunion Patriotic Flag Red White & Blue Camping T-Shirt Design Template

But, don’t panic…you just happen to be reading a blog post on a website that specializes in custom t-shirt designs! And, yes, there are lots of free creative family reunion t-shirts ideas here. Just visit the custom family reunion t shirt templates page for design templates that you can download and personalize for your own family reunion.

As for the rest of the family reunion planning…if you feel the need to appoint a Food Director, Entertainment Director, or Welcome Committee then hop to it. Or, you can just ask a few crazy cousins and family matriarchs/patriarchs to pitch in for the main meats, drinks, and essentials. Most will be happy to do so in order to enjoy seeing the whole family gather and spend time together.

STRESS-FREE Family Reunion Planning Checklist:

(Click here for printable version)

S'mores Happy Camper Family Reunion T-Shirts Design Template
  1. First, set a date for the family reunion.
  2. Then, download the free family reunion invitation postcard template, personalize, and print.
  3. Invite all the family members you care to invite…even the nuts!
  4. Pick a family reunion t shirts design from the ideas and templates on
  5. Next, get a VIP Membership so that you can download your shirt design template for FREE!
  6. Then, customize and order your printed t-shirts.
  7. Ask a few family members to pitch in for the main meats, drinks, and essentials.
  8. Enlist a responsible teenage family member to create a music playlist for the reunion.
  9. Ask someone to plan some fun games for the kiddos (aka Entertainment Director).
  10. Finally, clean off the grill, get cookin’, and enjoy your family!

Love Brings You Home Family Reunion T-Shirts Design Template

Disclaimer: Some family reunion planning may require a lot more stress, a bunch more boxes on the checklist, and your trusty friend Google. My preference is to keep it simple. I cannot be held responsible for any failed family reunion that results from following this checklist. I’m only be responsible for providing cool new family reunion t shirts designs and ideas year-after-year. So, please come back again and check out designs for other events throughout the year that require t-shirt designs. I’ll leave the in-depth planning to the seasoned planners! ?

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