Our most Frequently Asked Questions about t shirt designs online, answered for you…

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No, but you will need software to unzip the files once they are on your computer. Or, you may be able to take the zip folder to your printer and have them unzip the files.

Design and template files are delivered via a compressed ZIP file. This is because I include several different file types with each design purchase and it’s easiest to have them all in one zipped file for download…especially since some of the files may be rather large in size before compressing them. Most graphics sites distribute artwork via zipped files, so if you’re planning to be in the design or t-shirt business, it’s wise to invest in software that will “unzip” the files after download. I recommend WinZip and use it almost daily. 👍

Winzip offers a FREE TRIAL here: https://www.tkqlhce.com/click-9164642-10805511

You can cancel after the trial period is up, or make a one-time purchase of about $30 (you just need the standard version, not the pro to unzip files) which then gives you unlimited access to WinZip, to unzip files that you download from any website. 

If you absolutely have no way to unzip files and can’t get WinZip, I’ll be happy to email the files to you after you purchase them. Simply include a special note during checkout asking me to email the files to you. It may require me to send the files in a few different emails depending on the size of the uncompressed files. And I won’t have time to do this on a regular basis, so if you plan to purchase other designs in the future I highly recommend getting WinZip. 

Yes, but we also offer template customization during checkout, so if you don’t have software to edit the designs, simply click the box next to the “Customize” section and choose the “Please update the template with my custom text” option. Be sure to include your custom text requests in the “Order Notes” section during checkout. Simple! We try to customize and email your final design to you within 24 hours. You will still receive a download link for the original template files as well.

Template designs are delivered in vector file formats that can be opened and edited in most graphics software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. There is also an Adobe PDF (EPS) file that can be edited with Adobe Acrobat Pro or opened as an EPS file with vector graphics software. If you do not currently have graphics software but would like to, check out the FREE Trial links below!


Adobe Illustrator FREE TRIAL

Adobe Acrobat Pro FREE TRIAL


We try to make our designs and templates very affordable. Most cost just $10, but we offer ✂️ 50% OFF to our FREE Members, bringing your cost down to just $5. 😊

And if you need new designs and/or templates frequently, our VIP Membership is for you…offering UNLIMITED downloads for one low monthly fee. We’re constantly adding new designs and templates so you’ll have lots of new choices available each month. Use the link below to check out our membership options.

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Absolutely! These designs were created with the t-shirt shop owner and screen printer in mind, so you are free to print these designs (royalty-free) on t-shirts and other merchandise that you sell without limit. 🤑 The only thing that you cannot do is sell the design or template files themselves. But you are free to manipulate and print the designs for profit…and we hope you do…that’s our main goal!

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If you open a PNG file and it looks like parts of the design are missing 😲, like in the sample shown on the left below, no worries! The design is fine. This happens because some designs have areas that will print in white ink and PNG files have transparent backgrounds so that they can be used against various colored backgrounds. The white areas of the design may appear to be missing when opened on a white page. But be assured that your design is perfectly intact and any “missing” areas in the design will magically reappear when it is placed over top of another color, like the sample below on the right.

PNG Files that appear to have parts of the design missing Explained

Yes, you can! Although this website is mainly focused on selling the designs themselves for people to use on their own merchandise, crafts, etc., I do offer most of the designs for sale on t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., in my Spreadshirt Shop.

Please visit the link below to browse or see how you could use these designs to profit from your own online shop!

👕 My Spreadshirt Shop

Yes, you can! And by the way, screen printing is definitely the most cost effective choice when you need a large number of t-shirts, so you’re on the right track!

If you have a local screen printer to work with, simply purchase the design you want and then take or email the files to the printer and arrange all the details of your order with them. 

I’d also be happy to quote you a price for printing. Just send me an email or call to discuss the details. In that case, you wouldn’t need to purchase the design. 😉