110 St Patrick’s Day Slogans & Irish Sayings for Funny St Patty’s Day Shirts

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When it comes to designing St Patrick’s Day shirts, there are endless possibilities and inspiration that can be drawn from popular Irish sayings and St Patrick’s Day slogans that range from the luck of the Irish to some down-right ornery shenanigans!

And we can’t forget the Irish drinking shirt designs. So, I’ve rounded up a hefty list of 110 St Patrick’s Day slogans and Irish sayings to help get your creative juices flowing. I hope it helps you to create new designs for funny St Patty’s Day shirts and maybe even a drinking shirt or two.

Life Is Good Irish Drinking Shirt Irish Guys & Green Beer T Shirt St Patrick's Day Shirts Design Irish Sayings for Funny St Patty's Day Shirts
Life is Good – When the Guys are Irish & the Beer is Green!

If you’re looking for ready-made designs for St Patrick’s Day shirts, check out our selection of downloadable St Patrick’s Day t shirt designs.

St Patrick’s Day Slogans & Irish Sayings:

  1. Pinches Get Stitches
  2. The She to My Nanigans =>
  3. I Put the She in Shenanigans
  4. Wishin’ You a Pot O’Gold
  5. Bad & Boozy
  6. Shake Your Shamrocks
  7. Did Someone Say Shenanigans?
  8. Little Hooligan
  9. Warning: Leprechaun on the Loose
  10. Sassy Irish Lassie
  11. The Leprechauns Make Me Do It!
  12. Queen of Shenanigans
  13. Let the Shenanigans Begin
  14. Rub Me for Luck
  15. Pinch Proof
  16. Show Me Your Shamrocks
  17. Lucky & Extra Loved
  18. Kiss Me I’m Irish
  19. Irish You’d Just Kiss Me!
  20. I’m Not Irish – Kiss Me Anyway!
  21. Irish Princess
  22. Prone to Shenanigans & Malarkey
  23. I Love My Little Leprechauns
  24. Little Miss Shenanigans
  25. I’m Not Small, I’m a Leprechaun
  26. Cutest Clover in the Patch
  27. Get Your Green On
  28. Little Sham Rocker
  29. Shenanigan Enthusiast
  30. Mom’s Lucky Charm
  31. Mr. Shenanigans
  32. Pinch Me and I’ll Punch You
  33. Get Your Eyes Off My Shamrocks!
  34. Part Irish – All Trouble
  35. Professional Shenanigator
  36. Chief Shenanigator
  37. Shamrocks and Shenanigans!
  38. Lucky
  39. Today is Your Lucky Day
  40. Lucky Charm
  41. Touch My Lucky Charms and I’ll Choke Your Little Leprechaun
  42. 100% Irish
  43. Made in Ireland
  44. Stop Staring at my Shamrocks!
  45. Just Hangin’ with my Hooligans
  46. Arrrrish (Pirate/skull)
  47. Erin Go Bragh
  48. Kiss Me Then Spank Me – I’m Irish & Naughty
  49. Irishsaurus O’Rex
  50. I’m Magically Delicious
  51. I Don’t Need Luck I Have Jesus
  52. Lucky is Good but Blessed is Best
  53. I Put the Double D’s in St. PaDDy’s Day
  54. Born Lucky
  55. May the Luck be with You
  56. Everyone is a Wee Bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day
  57. Wanna Get Lucky?
  58. Irish for Today
  59. Who Needs Luck When You’re This Cute
  60. Kiss Me, I’m Lucky
  61. FBI – Full Blooded Irish
  62. Go Luck Yourself
  63. You Irish Bro?
  64. Here to Paddy!
  65. Trust Me – I’m Irish
  66. Keep Calm & Get Lucky
  67. Let’s Make St. Paddy’s Day Great Again!
  68. In Case of Accident, My Blood Type is Irish
  69. Warning: I Pinch Back
  70. A Wee Bit Irish – 100% Awesome
  71. Proud Irish
  72. Irish Pride
  73. World’s Tallest Leprechaun
  74. Lil’ Charmer
  75. Rainbows, Shamrocks, Luck & Leprechauns
  76. Irish Hooligan
  77. I Believe (in Leprechauns)
  78. Life is Good. When the Guys are Irish & the Beer is Green!
  79. 100% Kissable
  80. Property of Ireland
Erin Go Bragh T Shirt Property of T Shirt Property of Ireland 100% Original St Patrick's Day T shirts
Property of Ireland100% Original Erin Go Bragh

Irish Drinking Shirt Sayings:

  1. Drinks Well with Others
  2. Let’s Get Ready to Stumble
  3. Kiss Me I’m Drunk – or Irish, or Whatever
  4. Drunky McDrunkerson
  5. Drunk Lives Matter
  6. Safety First – Drink with a Nurse
  7. St Patty’s Day Drinking Team
  8. Drink Up Bitches
  9. Love in Our Hearts & Beer in Our Bellies
  10. 1% Irish – 99% Drunk
  11. I’m So Irish My Liver Hurts
  12. I’m Not Even Slightly Irish, But I’m Going to Get Drunk
  13. Irish You Were Beer
  14. Beer Me
  15. Drinking Mode – ON
  16. Mugs not Drugs
  17. Shut Up Liver You’re Fine
  18. Irish You’d Buy Me a Drink
  19. Make America Drunk Again
  20. Irish Today – Hungover Tomorrow
  21. Let’s Get Shamrocked
  22. Boozed & Confused
  23. Take a Pitcher It’ll Last Longer
  24. May Contain Alcohol
  25. Dublin Down
  26. Ginger Pride Drinking Team
  27. I’m Not Irish – Drinking Anyway
  28. This is My Lucky Drinking Shirt
  29. Irish I Had Another Beer
  30. University of Ireland – Only the Strong Survive!
University of Ireland Drinking Shirt Design Only the Strong Survive St Patrick's Day T Shirts
Irish Drinking ShirtUniversity of Ireland Only the Strong Survive!

So, there you have it…110 of the best St Patrick’s Day slogans, Irish sayings, and Irish drinking shirt sayings I could find. I hope it helps you to create some great St Patrick’s Day shirts. When designing, remember to keep in mind the Top 20 Creative T Shirt Design Trends for 2020 and incorporate them into your St Patrick’s Day shirts and t-shirt designs for a winning combination.

By the way, a quick fun fact here…did you know that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, wasn’t even Irish??? ? I know, right? He was actually born in Britain! Click here to find out more about St. Patrick.

Kiss me I'm Irish T Shirt Made in Ireland T Shirt Design St Patrick's Day Shirt Design
Made in Ireland – 100% Kissable

Wishing you all a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day…Let the shenanigans begin!

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