Senior 2020 Logo – Awesome Senior Class of 2020 Shirts

Senior class of 2020 volleyball slogan graduation vector t-shirt print design senior 2020 logo

Classes are back in session and the 2020 school year is in full swing, so now is the perfect time to promote your senior 2020 logo designs. A quick search of Google will give you a ton of senior t shirt designs, but the key is to come up with something unique and creative that isn’t already out there. Customers want something fresh and new that hasn’t been recycled a million times using the same design year-after-year.

Designs4Screen tries to offer a nice variety of fresh, unique senior t shirt designs and templates. So, if you’re not a designer and are looking for class of 2020 senior shirt ideas, check out our ready-to-print senior designs and senior 2020 logo templates. Simply find a design you like, download it, and take it to your local screen printer. Or, if you just need one or two shirts, use the DIY Project Maker to create t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more, to have printed and shipped directly to your mailbox.

For those who want to create your own senior t shirt designs , here are some tips to get your started in the right direction.

Do the numbers 2020 or even just 20 fit visually into the school’s name or the word SENIOR? If so, what better way to design a senior 2020 logo than to incorporate the year numbers into the main design instead of just slapping them onto the shirt somewhere. The senior shirt shown below just happens to be one of my top pinned designs on Pinterest.

senior 2020 t-shirt design

2. Senior Night T Shirts for Sports Team Members

Most sports teams recognize their senior members with a special “senior night” event or similar type of celebration. And many give out senior night t shirts as a small gift during that event. So, consider creating some custom senior class of 2020 shirts centered around specific sports. The year 2020 should make that an easy task by offering creative uses of the two 0s in 2020, since many sports balls are round.

Senior class of 2020 Senior night t shirts for volleyball slogan graduation vector t-shirt print design

3. Senior T Shirt Designs With Things Seniors Love

People love to express their interests through the clothes they wear. So think about what seniors find interesting these days when creating your senior 2020 logo. It could be as simple as love for pizza or passion for gaming, but if you incorporate that interest into your senior t shirt designs you could have a real hit!

high school senior gaming t-shirt design
senior class pizza senior t shirt designs

4. Senior Class of 2020 Shirts With Slogans

Each year, new senior class slogans flood the internet. And a quick Google search will produce a generous list full of inspiration for your next senior 2020 logo design. Senior t shirt designs with slogans like the one below are very popular.

senior 2020 slogan senior t shirt designs

Follow these steps to save time and get ahead of your competition when creating your senior 2020 logo masterpieces:

  1. Make sure to follow the 6 Rules For What Makes Good T Shirt Design
  2. Review the 19 Hottest Trending T-Shirt Designs of 2019 to find inspiration for your senior night t shirts and senior t shirt designs in general.
  3. Browse this helpful illustrated idea guide of 30 T-Shirt Designs That Sell Best
  4. When your ready to publish your design, read the 6 Factors That Could Make Or Break It. It will help you avoid any tiny mistakes that could become big problems.
  5. And finally, mock it up! Creating mock-ups of your design is a great way to see how your new senior class of 2020 shirts will look when printed. And mock-ups are also great for marketing your products. My favorite way to create mock-ups is with Placeit. Check it out…I think you’ll love it!

I hope this helps you find and/or create the perfect senior class of 2020 shirts and senior night t shirts your customers will love, and please feel free to share it with anyone else who might find it helpful.