SVG Cutting Files Free Download For You

SVG Cutting Files Free for Cricut

Introducing NEW SVG cutting files free to download with your t-shirt designs

I’ve been a graphic t-shirt designer for over 20 years now, mostly designing for screen printing and digital print-on-demand (POD) printing clients. But I just recently started working with SVG cutting files and have been learning the ins and outs of the Cricut Design Space.

SVG Cutting Files – Tested in the Cricut Design Space

If you currently use a Cricut cutting machine, then you know that SVG files give you the most flexibility to customize designs and are easiest to manipulate in the Cricut Design Space. At least that’s what I’ve learned in my short month’s experience as an excited Cricut Maker owner! 😊

I’ve wanted one of these crafty little machines for a long time, so thanks to that handy pandemic stimulus check from President Trump, I splurged and bought one! And boy have I learned a lot about SVG files!!!

Cricut Cutting Files – Not all SVGs are Created Equal

As a graphic designer, I export designs to SVG formats all the time. But I have come to learn that just because a file is in SVG format does not necessarily mean that it will work easily with a cutting machine. Depending on the design there are certain steps that should be taken prior to exporting an SVG file that will make the end user’s experience much easier and give the best, most desired results. Something I didn’t realize until I started importing some of my SVG files into the Cricut Design Space.

SVG Cutting Files for Cricut

Without getting too technical, some of these steps include trimming overlapping areas in the design, welding together any parts of the design that absolutely need to stay together, and converting any outlines to objects (and ensuring they are thick enough to cut and weed easily)…things that aren’t necessary if you’re just printing out color separations for screen printing. But for cutting files they are very necessary!

Cricut Design Space Tested And Approved SVG Cut Files

So, long story short, I’m now going through all my designs and testing the SVG files in the Cricut Design Space and making any necessary adjustments. You’ll see a new “SVG CUTTING FILES” tab on the website where you’ll find all the Cricut tested SVG files. 

It will take me a while to get through them all, but you’ll see new designs being added there daily. When you purchase those designs, you’ll still get the PNG and EPS files too, just like with my regular designs. But you’ll know that the SVG file included is ready for use with your Cricut, or other, cutting machine. 

This is also an important point to keep in mind when downloading random SVG cutting files free from some websites. They may or may not be so easy to use in the Cricut Design Space. Free doesn’t always mean good! 😉

SVG Cutting Files for Cricut

Cricut Cut Files Free Download!

Just in time for graduation, I’m offering you a Cricut cut files FREE download of the very first SVG cutting file that I tested and revised for use in the Cricut Design Space. This Senior 2020 t-shirt design has been my most popular of all the 2020 class designs I did, so I decided to share it with my subscribers. To download the Senior 2020 SVG cutting files free, just click the photo below that shows the design on a backpack. When the design opens in your browser, simply right click on the image and choose “save as” to save to your computer. Then upload to your Cricut Design Space and enjoy!

Seniors Class of 2020 Athletic Graduation Year T-Shirt Design SVG cutting files free
SVG Cut File for Cricut – Download FREE!

Not ALL Designs Are Good For Cutting

One last point I’d like to make…NOT ALL of my t-shirt designs are appropriate for cutting. That’s why I created the new “SVG Cutting Files” tab on the website. A large part of my clients are screen printers and digital or print-on-demand printers, so many designs have been created with those printing methods in mind and are just too detailed for cutting.

Hiking Shirts Mens - My Kind of Social Distancing - Take a Hike T-Shirts Designs | Coronavirus Pandemic Social Distancing Hiking T Shirt
Very detailed designs and those with distressed areas do not make good cut files.

A good example is the design shown above, with all the little intricate areas around tree limbs and distressed areas…those could prove to be a nightmare when it comes to weeding. 😵 Just saying! In fact, that design’s SVG file size is even too large to import into the Cricut Design Space. (Yes, I tried!) So, even the most determined weeder can’t even attempt it. 🤣 As for those designs, I will eventually include non-distressed and/or less detailed versions in the SVG cutting files.

More SVG Cutting Designs For Cricut Coming Soon!

Now that I’m hooked on Cricut and addicted to all things creative…you can bet that I’ll be designing a lot more SVG cutting files free for you in the future, for t-shirts and a lot more. So check back often!

Just Getting Started With Cricut?

If you are new to SVG cutting files and using a Cricut cutting machine, I highly recommend visiting Jennifer Maker’s YouTube channel. Yes, you read that right…her name is Jennifer MAKER! ❤️ How perfect is that?!

She has been a life saver to me with learning how to use my Cricut. She is an excellent teacher and explains and demonstrates every step-by-step process in a way that is easy to understand and learn. I’ve watched almost every one of her videos over that past month, LOL! And she also offers a nice library of SVG cutting files free to her website members.

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